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Do you find it difficult to obtain maps and other publications relating to the Broads? Well look no further – BroadsNet: Pete’s Norfolk Broads Boating Guide in association with Amazon offers you the chance to buy the following publications directly from this page.

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Maps of The Broads

The Broads (Waterways Series)
Heron Maps (Map – Apr 9, 2014)

This  is  a  excellent  map  produced  with  the  co-operation  of  the  Broads  Authority.  This  is  a  double  sided  map,  with  tourist  information  on  the  reverse  side.

OS Explorer OL40 The Broads (OS Explorer Map)
Ordnance Survey (Map – Jun 10, 2015)

This  is  ideal  for  exploring  the  surrounding  countryside.  I  found  a  lovely  path  leading  from  Ranworth  Staithe  through  woods  and  alongside  South  Walsham  Broad.

Norfolk Broads (Collins Nicholson Waterways Guides)
Collins Maps (Spiral-bound – Mar 13, 2014)

The detailed OS maps clearly show the location of essential features. With comprehensive navigational notes and descriptive text on the history of the Broads.

Broads Guide Books

Complete Guide to the Broads
Bridget Lely (Paperback – Jun 30, 2010)

A  comprehensive  introduction  to  the  Broads.  Features  things  to  do  and  places  to  visit.  With  recommended  eating  places.

The Definitive Guide on Where to Fish in Norfolk and Suffolk
Wilson John (Paperback – Jun 2002)

John  Wilson  is  the  presenter  of  ‘Go  Fishing’  his  book  covers  a  wide  area  of  East  Anglia  including  the  Broads.

Birds of the Norfolk Broads
Reginald Jones (Paperback – Jul 1985)

Learn  how  to  recognise  Broadland  birds.  Reg  has  written  a  very  informative  book,  his  descriptions  help  you  identify  the  birds  visually  and  by  their  call.

Broads Guide Books (Kindle)

The Norfolk Broads: The best pubs, restaurants, sights and places to stay (Cool Places UK Travel Guides Book 77)
Martin Dunford

Places  to  stay,  where  to  eat  and  what  to  do,  illustrated  with  photos.  Available  for  instant  download  to  any  Kindle  compatible  device.

The Broads – A unique National Park: History Wildlife Recreation
Clive Tully

Another  Kindle  book  available  for  instant  download  by  the  popular  author  and  contributor  to  outdoor  magazines  Clive  Tully.

Ghosts of the Broads

Ghosts of the Broads
Charles Sampson (Paperback – May 1986)

This  book  is  a  good  read  for  both  adults  and  older  children.  Haunted  taverns  and  even  bridges  are  covered  with  drawings  and  pictures  to  illustrate  the  text.

Broads Photography

Norfolk for Photographers: Pocket Guide to the 100 Best Places and Locations
Stephen Kelly (Paperback – Mar 31, 2016)

Stephen  pinpoints  the  best  places  to  go  to  take  great  photographs.  The  books  covers  the  Broads  and  beyond.

A Breath of East Anglia by Rod Edwards (December 19,1999)
Rod Edwards (Hardcover)
Rod  Edwards  is  a  photographer  who  lives  in  Norfolk  and  holds  a  special  affection  for  East  Anglia.  The  book  contains  more  than  150  stunning  photographs.

Conservation and the Environment on The Broads

Battle for the Broads
Sir Martin Ewans (Hardcover – May 1992)
The  Norfolk  Broads  have  long  been  regarded  as  Britains  most  interesting  and  valuable  wetlands.  This  is  the  story  of  the  conflict  and  compromise  in  the  area.

The Norfolk Broads: A Landscape History
Tom Williamson (Hardcover – Oct 16, 1997)
Deals  with  the  contribution  of  man  to  the  landscape  of  the  Norfolk  Broads.  The  text  describes  how  the  diverse  environments  of  the  Broads  were  first  shaped.

Managing Habitats for Conservation
William J. Sutherland (Paperback – Jun 1, 1995)

This  work  should  be  useful  to  all  practicing  ecologists,  land  managers,  wardens,  landscape  architects  and  conservationists.

Children’s Books

Coot Club (Red Fox Older Fiction)
Arthur Ransome (Paperback – Jul 1, 1993)

The  story  of  Tom  Dudgeon  and  friends  Dick  and  Dorothea.  Tom’s  troubles  start  when  the  Hullabaloos  on  board  the  cruiser  Margoletta  moor  against  a  coots  nest.

The Big Six (Red Fox Older Fiction)
Arthur Ransome (Paperback – Jul 1, 1993)

The  member’s  of  the  Coot  Club  are  in  trouble  again,  and  through  no  fault  of  their  own.  George  Owden  decides  to  discredit  the  Coots  by  casting  off  boats.