A Boating Guide to Ludham Bridge

Ludham Bridge Staithe Water Point

Ludham Bridge is a little under a mile upstream of Ant Mouth and just over 2 miles downstream of How Hill on the River Ant. Here you will find plentiful moorings, various shops including Ludham Bridge Stores, the Wayfarer’s Café and Ludham Bridge Boatyard. In Chandler’s Yard there is a miscellany of other businesses.

Ludham Bridge

Ludham Bridge and height gauge

Looking downstream from the Broads Authority moorings the height gauge is on the right. The headroom at Ludham Bridge is 8 ft 6 in at average high water levels. In the summer reeds may obscure the height gauges on the approaches to the bridge but as can be seen here there are additional gauges right beside the bridge on both sides.

Ludham Bridge on the River Ant Looking up Stream

Ludham Bridge looking upstream with Ludham Bridge Boatyard on the right. The height gauge is on the left immediately before the bridge.

Ludham Bridge Boatyard, River Ant

Looking downstream from the bridge you can see how visibility is restricted where the river turns sharply around Ludham Bridge boatyard. Please exercise care when approaching or exiting and keep to your side of the river.

Horning Marshes

Soke Dyke on Horning Marshes at Ludham Bridge

Horning Marshes stretch from Horning all the way over to the Ant at Ludham Bridge. In the photo above we see the original soke dyke, the new soke dyke is just out of shot but the new flood bank is visible in the top left of the picture. The new flood defences, built in the early 2000’s form part of the 20 year Broadland Flood Alleviation Project.

Broads Authority Moorings at Ludham Bridge

Broads Authority Moorings at Horning Marshes, Ludham Bridge

The Broads Authority moorings here take their name from Horning Marshes, this can be confusing if you are not familiar with the area. Mooring is available on both sides of the river with space for up to 22 boats. There is a section reserved for boats under 20ft and a space reserved for yachts demasting. It’s an attractive place to moor overnight as it catches the setting sun but the wind can blow quite hard so take care.

Ludham Bridge Public Staithe

Ludham Bridge Staithe

Ludham Bridge Public Staithe is on the left bank immediately before the bridge when travelling downstream, mooring is free for 24 hours but please keep the two water points clear. There is an electric charging point here and a waste disposal facility.

Chandler’s Yard and Wayfarers Cafe

Chandler's Yard and Wayfarer's Cafe at Ludham Bridge

Behind Ludham Staithe a boarded walkway leads across a stream to Chandler’s Yard and Wayfarers Café. The café serves hot and cold food all day and has a good reputation for the quality of their food. It has an outside seating area and is open during the season from 8:30am to 7:30pm. There are a number of retail units at Chandler’s Yard including a chandlery, Bridge Cave Curios and a gallery.

Ludham Bridge Stores

Ludham Bridge Stores

Ludham Bridge Stores is open during the summer season from 7:30am to 5pm. It is the only shop on the River Ant for miles, the next ones being a walk away at Neatishead or Stalham. The store sells a wide variety of grocery items including gifts and toys and is licensed to sell alcohol.