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Why choose Broadland?

The Norfolk Broads is a magical waterland, a uniquely beautiful environment, one of the most popular inland waterways in Europe. It provides the perfect setting for your boating holiday, short break or day trip.

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Unless otherwise indicated all photographs on Pete’s Norfolk Broads Boating Guide are © Peter Cox  All Rights Reserved

Wroxham Bridge Horning Village Staithe Berney Arms Mill St Benets Abbey Canoeing at Barton Turf

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Visitor Testimonials

Best website about the Norfolk Broads, loads of helpful information for first timers. Keep up the good work.



Oh thank you for taking the time 2 make this awesome site! Have had trouble finding good Norfolk Broads maps, info of the waterways and areas so was a bit worried what I was getting us into but after looking at this I'm very excited and reassured to know lots to do with lots of pretty places to see! TY! Xx


Andover UK




The Norfolk Broads lie to the east of Norwich in East Anglia, England. There are more than 30 broads, some navigable, and over 200 miles of river available to sail or cruise.

Introducing the Broads

Cruising Guide

Photo Tour

To help you plan your Norfolk Broads boating holiday there is a cruising guide with navigational notes on all the Broads rivers including a boating guide to safely passing through Great Yarmouth.

Take a photographic tour of the Broads, just click on the Norfolk Broads map and without leaving your armchair go on a tour of beautiful Broadland

Sutton Broad on the Norfolk Broads A broads cruiser gives way to a yacht on the Norfolk Broads Norfolk Broads Map

Welcome to BroadsNet, Pete’s Norfolk Broads boating guide, illustrated with maps and photographs. The guide covers the rivers, towns and villages that make up the Norfolk Broads.